A Rocha Peru

A Rocha Peru is dedicated to restoring local ecosystems and enabling people to learn about the importance of caring for creation and responsibly using nature’s resources.

The dry forest of the Peruvian coast is one of the most highly threatened ecosystems on earth. It harbours important species such as Prosopis sp. (known as Huarango or Algarrobo trees), which capture water, help to prevent desertification, provide food for human and livestock consumption, and are habitats for many unique and endangered birds, mammals and reptiles. A Rocha Peru is dedicated to dry forest conservation through reforestation, environmental education and research activities in two projects currently underway in La Libertad and Talara, in northern Peru. These activities are carried out in collaboration with local authorities, educational institutions, community organizations, and the private sector.

In 2015, A Rocha Peru began a third project that focuses on promoting social and environmental values amongst underprivileged youth deeply affected by crime, poverty and violence in the La Esperanza district (The Hope) of Trujillo, in northern Peru. A youth club has been launched which provides young people the opportunity and space to receive support and guidance as well as environmental education and skills to develop a micro-enterprise that will lead to income generation in the area.

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