How do you solve a problem like marine plastic?

Ocean plastic is a ‘planetary crisis’, according to UN Oceans Chief, Lisa Svensson. Yet its global production continues to rise. A 2016 report by the World Economic Forum predicted that, without improvements in how plastic waste is managed, by 2025 there could be one tonne of plastic in the ocean for every three tonnes of fish.

The first step to addressing ocean plastic is understanding the extent of the problem and our new Microplastics Toolbox is a great place to start. It’s designed to equip you to take action – whether through lifestyle choices, by educating community members, by getting involved in a beach clean-up or by collecting data to help us understand global patterns.

The Toolbox also reminds us that ocean plastic is a moral issue. What does the Bible say about microplastics? How can science and our use of plastic help us to love God and our neighbours better? Find out here!

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