Looking for a Christmas gift with a difference?

Earlier this year, Angela received a Gift with a Difference – a bio-sand water filter that would become the proud possession of Sarah Nakate who lives in Wakiso District, near Kampala in Uganda. In November, she was delighted to meet Sarah and see her gift in use.

‘Arriving at her house,’ Angela explains, ‘we were welcomed by Sarah’s elderly mother and father. Sarah herself then came out, gave me an enormous hug and invited us into her simple home. Apart from some basic seating, the only other item in the room was her water filter which she spoke about proudly. Each day she filters enough water for her family, including the two children she cares for, and for her neighbours.

‘A five minute walk along narrow paths took us to the spring well where Sarah and other women from the village collect water each day. The water was muddy and brown from the soil that had been washed into it. Sarah told us that if she drank water from this well, she would be sick before the evening. But thanks to her bio-sand filter, she no longer needs to boil the water and neither her family nor her neighbour’s have suffered from typhoid or any other water-related health problems since!’

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Sarah Nakate (centre) holds her drinking water collected from the village well. With her bio-sand water filter she can provide clean, drinkable water (in the glass held by Angela – right) for six adults and five children.

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