Why care about microplastics?

Question: What do fleeces, certain facial scrubs and toothpastes have in common?

Answer: All these products can release small particles of plastic, known as ‘microplastics’, into our waterways. From here they can flow out into the ocean and have detrimental effects on marine ecosystems and human health.

As we hear more and more stories about the impacts our lifestyle choices are having on the environment, it is easy to become despondent. But here’s one way you can help:

‘Nurdles’ are used by industries to make many of our plastic products.

The Great European Nurdle Hunt takes place on 2-5 June and aims to examine the scale of one source of microplastic pollution – the accidental spillage of ‘nurdles’, which are used by industries to make many of our plastic products. It’s simple to get involved: head out to the beach and record what you find! Sign up and find out more.

A Rocha International is one of the partners behind this international event. It is part of our project to examine the impact of microplastic pollution in marine environments and to educate and empower communities to take action.

Find out more in this two-minute video, as Dr Robert Sluka, Lead Scientist of A Rocha’s Marine and Coastal Programme, explains why Christians should care about microplastics and offers more ways for you to get involved.

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