ARI – microplastics in France

20160907_111216Plastic is everywhere and ubiquitous in our modern lives. When not properly disposed of, they eventually make their way into the environment where they can soak up toxic chemicals, drift to the sea floor, end up on the beach or be mistaken for food by various sea creatures. This is a problem!

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Discovery Week

aquarela-imagens-microplastics-on-beachA Rocha’s Mediterranean Marine Program will be hosting a discovery week on 17th – 24st August 2017 based on their microplastics research focus.

Activities will include:

The aim is to equip volunteers to know how to act against microplastic pollution within their day to day context.

Volunteers will stay at Les Tourades, A Rocha France’s field study centre near Arles, France. Conversational French would be an asset, but is not a requirement.

Costs: €400 covers accommodation and research trip transportation costs for the week.

Tourades general


It may be possible to extend your stay beyond these exact dates to volunteer in other capacities with A Rocha France, if you wish. A month of full board at Les Tourades costs €470. Please see A Rocha France opportunities for details.

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