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Saklani, A., Kumar, D., Gayathri, A. & Krishnan A. (2018). The Railway-Line Fence: A New Passive Elephant Barrier at Bannerghatta National Park, Southern India. Gajah 48: 20–23 PDF

Finch, T., Branston, C., Clewlow, H., Dunning, J., Franco, A.M.A., Račinskis, E., Schwartz, T. & Butler, S.J. (2018). Context-dependent conservation of the cavity-nesting European Roller. Ibis, 1–17. PDF

Krishnan A., Phalke S., A.V. Dilip, Talit A., Gayathri A. (2018). Mammals of Bannerghatta National Park – a camera trap inventory. Karnataka Forest Department – Bannerghatta National Park & A Rocha India, Bangalore.

Hereward, H.F.R., Foggo, A., Hinckley, S.L., Greenwood, J., Smale, D.A. (2018). Seasonal variability in the population structure of a habitat-forming kelp and a conspicuous gastropod grazer: Do blue-rayed limpets (Patella pellucida) exert top-down pressure on Laminaria digitata populations? Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 506, 171–181

Cowburn, B., Musembi, P.M., Sindorf, V.Kohlmeier, D., Raker, C.Nussbaumer, A.Hereward, H.F.R., Van Baelenberghe, B., Goebbels, D.Kamire, J., Horions, M., Sluka, R.D., Taylor, M.L. & Rogers, A.D. (2018). The habitats and biodiversity of Watamu Marine National Park: evaluating our knowledge of one of East Africa’s oldest marine protected areas. Atoll Research Bulletin 618: 1–45

Costa, J.M., Ramos, J.A., da Silva, L.P., Timóteo, S., Andrade, P., Araújo, P.M., Carneiro, C., Correia, E., Cortez, P., Felgueiras, M., Godinho, C., Lopes, R.J., Matos, C., Norte, A.C., Pereira, P.F., Rosa, A & Heleno, R.H. (2018). Rewiring of experimentally disturbed seed dispersal networks might lead to unexpected network configurations. Basic & Applied Ecology

Krishnan, A., Gayathri, A., Phalke, S. & Dilip Kumar, A.V. (2018). Terrestrial mammals of Bannerghatta National Park, Karnataka, India: A camera-trap inventory and seasonal assessments. Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences 12: 273–282 PDF


Hereward, H.F.R, Ray, N.D., Gentle, L.K. & Sluka, R.D. (2017). Ghost crab burrow density at Watamu Marine National Park: An indicator of the impact of urbanisation and associated disturbance? African Journal of Marine Science 39:129–133 LINK

Jones, S., Burgess, M.D., Sinclair, F., Lindsell, J., & Vickery, J. (2017) Optimal monitoring strategy to detect rule-breaking: a power and simulation approach parameterised with field data from Gola Rainforest National Park, Sierra Leone. Conservation & Society 15: 92–103. PDF

Imboma T., Mungai, P., Ng’weno, F., Kirao, L., Bett, A., Njoroge, P., & Nasirwa, O. (2017) January 2017 Waterbird Counts in the Rift Valley Lakes, Nairobi Area, Coast and Nyanza. Centre for Biodiversity Research Report: Ornithology No. 82. Nairobi. PDF

Gunton, R.M., van Asperen, E.N., Basden, A., Bookless, D., Araya, Y., Hanson, D.R., Goddard, M.A., Otieno, G. & Jones, G.O. (2017) Beyond Ecosystem Services: valuing the invaluable. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 32, 249–257 LINK

Burgess, M., Hillers, A., Bannah, D., Mohamed, S., Swaray, M., Turay, B.S., Vickery, J. & Lindsell, J. (2016) The importance of protected and unprotected areas for colony occupancy and colony size in White-necked Picathartes Picathartes gymnocephalus in and around Gola Rainforest National Park, Sierra Leone. Bird Conservation International 27: 244–255. LINK


Gayathri, S.A., Jayashankar, M. & Krishnan, A. (2016) A pilot-survey to assess the diversity and distribution of reptilian fauna in Taralu Village, abutting the Bannerghatta National Park, Karnataka, India. Reptile RAP 18, 3–18 Read online

Mabeluanga, T., Dilip Kumar A. V, Gayathri, A., & Krishnan, A. (2016) Influence of elephant-human interactions on agrarian communities in the Bengaluru-Bannerghatta landscape – a perspective survey. Gajah, 45, 28–32. PDF

Bush, E.R., Short, R.E., Milner-Gulland, E.J., Lennox, K., Samoilys, M. & Hill, N. (2016) Mosquito net use in an artisanal East African fishery. Conservation Letters DOI: 10.1111/conl.12286. PDF

Mateus, M., Almeida, D., Simonson, W., Felgueiras, M., Banza, P. & Batty, L. (2016) Conflictive uses of coastal areas: A case study in a southern European coastal lagoon (Ria de Alvor, Portugal). Ocean & Coastal Management, 132, 90–100.

Finch, T., Dunning, J., Kiss, O., Racinskis, E., Schwartz, T., Sniauksta, L., Szekeres, O., Tokody, B., Franco, A. & Butler, S.J. (2016) Insights into the migration of the European Roller from ring recoveries. Journal of Ornithology DOI: 10.1007/s10336-016-1374-y.

Jucker, T., Cuni Sanchez, A., Lindsell, J.A., Allen, H.D., Amable, G.S., Vickery, J. & Coomes, D.A. (2016) Drivers of aboveground wood production in a lowland tropical forest of West Africa: teasing apart the roles of tree density, tree diversity, soil phosphorus and historical logging. Ecology & Evolution DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2175. PDF

Phalke, S., John, J.V., Jayashankar, M. & Avinash, K. (2016) A checklist of birds in and around Taralu village, adjoining the western margin of the Bannerghatta National Park. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 4, 413–415. PDF

Alexander, R., Avinash, K., Phalke, S., Manidip, M. & Jayashankar, M. (2016) Rapid assessment of butterfly diversity in an ecotone adjoining Bannerghatta National Park, Bengaluru. Bugs R All, 22, 28–29. PDF

Jackson, C.H.W. (2016) Clues towards the migration route for Greater and Lesser Sand Plovers spending the non-breeding season in Kenya. Biodiversity Observations, 7, 1–8. PDF

Hodgetts, N.G., Essilfie, M.K., Adu-Gyamfi, A., Akom, E., Kumadoh, J. & Opoku, J. (2016) Bryophytes of Atewa Forest, Eastern Region, Ghana. Journal of Bryology, 6687, 1–12.

Hillers, A., Buchanan, G.M., Garteh, J.C., Tommy, S.M., Fofana, M.L. & Lindsell, J.A. (2016) A mix of community-based conservation and protected forests is needed for the survival of the Endangered pygmy hippopotamus Choeropsis liberiensis. Oryx, 1–10.

Krishnan, A., Panwar, S., Gayathri, A., Phalke, S. & Venkateshaiah, D.A. (2016) A badger in Bannerghatta: an opportunistic record of the Ratel Mellivora capensis (Schreber, 1776) (Mammalia: Carnivora: Mustelidae) from Karnataka, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 8, 8820–8823. PDF

Jackson, C.H.W. (2016) Of Kenyan Crab-Plovers and Terek Sandpipers. Wader Quest, 2, 18–19. PDF


Gopalakrishna, S. P., Kaonga, M. L., Somashekar, R. K., Suresh, H. S., & Suresh, R. (2015). Tree diversity in the tropical dry forest of Bannerghatta National Park in Eastern Ghats, Southern India. European Journal of Ecology, 1, 12–27. PDF

Jackson, C.H.W., Ng’weno, F., Mwambire, J., Mwachongo, J., Baya, A., Changawa, P., Garama, J., Kenga, S., Katisho, S., Barisa, S., Thuva, K., Wario, P., Finch, B., Ekesa, S. & Katana, G. (2015) First recorded breeding of Clarke’s Weaver Ploceus golandi. Scopus, 35, 1–10. PDF

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Finch, T., Saunders, P., Avilés, J.M., Bermejo, A., Catry, I., de la Puente, J., Emmenegger, T., Mardega, I., Mayet, P., Parejo, D., Račinskis, E., Rodríguez-Ruiz, J., Sackl, P., Schwartz, T., Tiefenbach, M., Valera, F., Hewson, C., Franco, A. & Butler, S.J. (2015) A pan-European, multipopulation assessment of migratory connectivity in a near-threatened migrant bird. Diversity and Distributions, 1–12.

Gordon, T.A.C., Cowburn, B., & Sluka, R.D. (2015) Defended territories of an aggressive damselfish contain lower juvenile coral density than adjacent non-defended areas on Kenyan lagoon patch reefs. Coral Reefs, 34,13–16.

Kent, R., Lindsell, J.A., Laurin, G.V., Valentini, R. & Coomes, D.A. (2015) Airborne LiDAR detects selectively logged tropical forest even in an advanced stage of recovery. Remote Sensing, 7, 8348–8367.

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Nachuha, S., Muheebwa-Muhoozi, J., Ndibaisa, D., Kibuule, M. & Pomeroy, D. (2015) Grey Crowned Cranes Balearica regulorum in urban areas of Uganda. Scopus, 34, 48–51. PDF

Sindorf, V, Cowburn, B.Sluka, R.D. (2015) Rocky intertidal fish assemblage in the Watamu Marine National Park, Western Indian Ocean. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 98,1777–1785.

Wachira, W., Jackson, C.H.W. & Njoroge, P. (2015) Kenya Bird Map : an internet-based system for monitoring bird distribution and populations in Kenya. Scopus, 34, 58–60. PDF

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