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A Rocha France is part of the international A Rocha movement that encompasses 19 different projects around the world.  Each of these projects is based on a shared set of values, the five “C”s and works to positively impact the environment, being motivated by its Christian identity.  Through nature conservation projects, it encourages a conduct based on eco-citizenship within local communities.

The organisation (a registered charity) began work in France in the late 1990’s, and was officially established in the year 2000.

A Rocha France’s activities centre around two core undertakings:

Firstly, promoting national environmental awareness, particularly amongst Christians, through the following:

•    Church and parish visits on the theme of “faith and the environment”
•    Organisation of conferences and seminars
•    Publication of articles in Christian media
•    Distribution of material relating to the conservation of nature

Secondly, the permanent field study centres are engaged in a number of local projects:

•    Welcoming and educating national and international volunteers and students
•    Scientific studies of flora, fauna, and ecosystems
•    Activities, educational programming and guided visits for occasional groups
•    Working alongside local stakeholders (landowners, government representatives…) on the management projects at remarkable, susceptible or endangered sites.

These projects are determined in response to specific problems and local needs that arise in the area of nature conservation.

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