Waste Management

In May 2011, A Rocha submitted a Behavioural Change Communication(BSS) Strategy report which shares insights with BCC implementer and other stakeholders in Ghana regarding waste management. The underlying causes of improper waste management are complex, ranging from policy, economics, and social behaviour. The project conducted by A Rocha seeks to create behavioural changes in waste disposal by assisting local NGOs and communities. The project conducted a behaviour analysis and subsequently created an intervention design, focusing on access to hardware, waste promotion, and an enabling environment.

The plan primarily targets parents and children, and further targets door-to-door youth, NGOs, and other stakeholders. Some examples of work that was done as part of this project was house-to-house discussions and sensitizations, school dramas, print materials, training for NGOs, and training for door-to-door youth. The report details the mail BCC plan A Rocha implemented during their two months of intense project activity, with the intention that other implementers can adapt and learn from their insights. To better waste behaviours, they recommend making good use of community media that reaches the whole community, to create opportunities for beneficiaries to learn information and become motivated, to assist groups at the community level by developing change agents to carry out education. 

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