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Community is at the heart of A Rocha’s conservation work:

Our field study centres are Christian communities welcoming visitors of all kinds who share our commitment to conservation.

We are intentionally cross-cultural, uniting communities who might otherwise be hostile.

We seek to serve the poorest and neediest: the people most often affected by a damaged environment.

Community is at the heart of A Rocha’s conservation work:

£10 a month can support an exchange visit between neighbouring A Rocha teams.
£20 a month can sponsor a child at Vuya Endaweni Conservation Partnership crèche.
£50 can pay for a Kenyan volunteer at Mwamba field study centre for a week.
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Here are 3 ways in which community lies at the heart of our work:

Uniting diverse communities

A Rocha’s conservation programmes often bring together communities with different cultural backgrounds. The Vuya Endaweni Community Conservation Partnership is uniting ethnically and economically diverse groups around Stellenbosch. Together they are protecting the surrounding Renosterveld fynbos on Papegaaiberg: one of South Africa’s most endangered ecosystems. This affiliate project of A Rocha is providing a vital crèche and an Environmental Education Centre in a poverty stricken informal settlement, as well as other activities in churches and schools. ‘We built the Centre to care for the vulnerable parts of God’s creation on Papegaaiberg, that is the children of the settlement and the critically endangered fauna and flora of the area,’ says Dr Leanne Seeliger.

Welcoming visitors into our teams

John Gitiri A Rocha field study centres involve international volunteers in their research and conservation programmes and all other aspects of community life. Many volunteers tell us that living and working so closely with others has been the most rewarding part of the experience. The centres also host nationals, especially at Mwamba, our Kenyan centre, which attracts young men and women keen to work with wildlife. A Rocha provides them with fieldwork skills plus computer training which can lead to a career in conservation or provide a springboard to further education. Young Kenyans often cannot afford to pay for their travel and accommodation at Mwamba – but your gift could make their visit possible. John, a current volunteer from the Kenyan highlands (pictured right) says, ‘I’ve learned a lot about conservation, visited fantastic habitats like Tana River Delta and now realize that we should care about all creation like God does. We can’t just destroy when we feel like it.’

Sharing with the neediest in the community

Many A Rocha teams are sharing with their neediest neighbours: teaching children in Ugandan conservation clubs how to grow vegetables; enabling Kenyan teenagers to get a secondary school education; involving the isolated and the immigrant in community gardens in Canada, the UK and New Zealand. In California, USA, Marty Robertson (Director of Santa Barbara A Rocha) says, ‘This past season at our tiny Five Loaves Farm we grew and donated over 8 tons of organic produce to the hungry people of our area: migrant workers, homeless, widows, orphans, critically ill, and elderly poor of our city’.

We need your help to continue our work!

A monthly donation would help us to plan with confidence.

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Picture caption: Scientists visiting A Rocha to study wildlife and habitats often tell us that being part of community life was the best part of the experience. (Photo: R Mearns)
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