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We all depend on tropical forests.

About 50 million indigenous people live in rainforests, depending on them directly for their everyday needs. The rest of us need the stability that tropical forests give to our climate, as well as imported products of every kind: from brazil nuts to rubber, from cancer treatments to hardwoods.

Tropical forests cover only 7% of the Earth’s land, yet they hold more than half of all plant and animal species.

£10 a month could raise 40 tree seedlings for reforestation of degraded mangrove forest or dry forest.
£20 a month could pay for five days of tree seed collection for nursery development and forest restoration.
£40 a month could train a local woman in beekeeping.
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Here are just four examples of our tropical forest projects:

Saving threatened forests

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, on the Kenyan coast, is one Africa’s most important forests for wildlife conservation. Ader’s Duiker, Sokoke Bushy-tailed Mongoose and Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew are almost entirely confined to this forest, as are six very rare birds, including Sokoke Scops Owl. When A Rocha Kenya began to work here, many local people illegally felled the trees, but our long-term involvement with the community is changing attitudes. Villagers now want to protect this remarkable forest for themselves and future generations.

Restoring degraded forests

Most of the once-extensive Huarango forests on the SE coast of Peru have been felled, but the remnants still play a major role in traditional agriculture, providing farmers and their stock with much-needed shade. Our reforestation project aims at planting 26,000 Huarango (and other native trees) with communities in Ica over a three-year period, cooperating with landowners who commit themselves to care for the seedlings. This is complemented by research and communication activities, as well as environmental education in universities and high schools.

Studying and protecting threatened animals

The Asian Elephant is classified as ‘Endangered’ by IUCN as their numbers have been rapidly decreasing, mainly due to the destruction, degradation and fragmentation of their forest habitats and conflicts with the expanding human population. Since 2004, A Rocha India has been studying the herds in Bannerghatta National Park, focusing on seasonal movements, numbers and habitat preferences. The team has also investigated the extent and pattern of conflicts between the elephants and farmers around the park, leading to management recommendations and the introduction of chilli-tobacco barriers which are helping to protect crops – and elephants.

Planting new forests

One of A Rocha Ghana’s major partnerships is with Climate Stewards, an A Rocha programme which helps people respond to climate change. In 2008, planting started with farmers in the north, covering 24 acres with mainly native trees. Other species were added to give a cash crop: cashew nuts, paw paws and pineapples. Already the soil fertility is increasing and so other farmers, who have seen the benefits, also want to plant trees. Climate Stewards forests are being established throughout the country, from very dry areas on the Burkina Faso border to the much rainier regions in the centre of the country, benefiting the communities who manage the sites, inspiring better stewardship of the land, soaking up carbon and in time, becoming wildlife rich forests.

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Picture caption: Huarango forests are among the world’s most threatened ecosystems. A Rocha Peru is involving people of all ages in restoring these thorny, hardwood coastal forests. (Photo: Amparo Herrera)
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