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Climate Stewards, a Christian carbon offsetting charity, is part of the A Rocha network

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Ten years of bird ringing by A Rocha Czech 1 February 2015
Since 2004, each spring an A Rocha team has been studying bird populations in the hills of Orlické Záhoří Special Protection Area (SPA) on the Czech border with Poland. During this time they handle... (read more)

Aiming for a bird’s eye view 1 February 2015
A rapidly developing area of conservation and ecological research lies in the use of small radio-controlled planes and helicopters to acquire aerial imagery of landscapes. Traditional air photo sur... (read more)

New video: Wildlife conservation benefiting Kenya’s coastal poor 1 February 2015
Low-income communities are dependent on a healthy environment for their most basic needs such as clean water, food, fuel and medicine. This 14 minute video shows how families in one of the poorest ... (read more)

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