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A Rocha in the media

Mix of science and pleasure 1 February 2014
Article for Daily Nation by Rupi Mangat, about a visit to A Rocha’s field study centre on the Kenyan coast. High up in the sky, above the dark waters of the Indian Ocean, we can see the Orion clea... (read more)

Saving what we love 10 January 2014
‘Dueck and I talked a little about [the characters in The Year of the Flood], and then—surprise—right before me were two people who closely resembled the God’s Gardeners of my fiction. Leah and Mar... (read more)

Something New: The Delightful Conservationist 18 November 2013
Leah Kostamo has liberated me. I can now face my dark side: I love everything from sloths to moss and serve on three eco-friendly boards, but most environmental literature reminds me of toothpaste-... (read more)

Why Earth Care Matters for the Gospel 22 April 2013
Article by Kelli B. Trujillo for the Relevant Magazine On Earth Day, we talk with conservationist Tom Rowley on why Christians can't afford to neglect creation care. Kelli: Let’s start at square... (read more)

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Top stories

Join Dominic Couzens and A Rocha at the Birdfair 1 August 2014
On Sunday, 17 August, A Rocha will lead a service of Christian worship in the Events Marquee from 9.30 – 10.00. We’re delighted that Dominic Couzens, writer and ornithologist, will be the speaker t... (read more)

International Review 2013/14: a few vital statistics 1 August 2014
Thanks to you and all our supporters, in 2013, A Rocha was in good shape. We: ran 8 residential field study and environmental interpretation centres studied or monitored 73 species of gl... (read more)

Meet Timothée Schwartz: Science Director, A Rocha France 1 August 2014
Each September, after breeding in Europe, hundreds of thousands of Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica roost in reed beds in Provence, on their way to southern Africa. Each year, Timothée and his band of ... (read more)

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International publications

A Rocha International Review 2013-2014

A Rocha International Review 2013/2014Printable version in PDF format (application/pdf, 1.1 MB, info)

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