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A Rocha in the Media

WWF report claims half of all wildlife has disappeared in past 40 years; Christian group calls on believers to care for planet 1 October 2014
Article by Stoyan Zaimov for the Christian Post A World Wildlife Fund report released Tuesday claims that the planet's wildlife population, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish,... (read more)

Mix of science and pleasure 1 February 2014
Article for Daily Nation by Rupi Mangat, about a visit to A Rocha’s field study centre on the Kenyan coast. High up in the sky, above the dark waters of the Indian Ocean, we can see the Orion clea... (read more)

Saving what we love 10 January 2014
‘Dueck and I talked a little about [the characters in The Year of the Flood], and then—surprise—right before me were two people who closely resembled the God’s Gardeners of my fiction. Leah and Mar... (read more)

Something New: The Delightful Conservationist 18 November 2013
Leah Kostamo has liberated me. I can now face my dark side: I love everything from sloths to moss and serve on three eco-friendly boards, but most environmental literature reminds me of toothpaste-... (read more)

Why Earth Care Matters for the Gospel 22 April 2013
Article by Kelli B. Trujillo for the Relevant Magazine On Earth Day, we talk with conservationist Tom Rowley on why Christians can't afford to neglect creation care. Kelli: Let’s start at square... (read more)

Down Mida Creek 5 January 2013
Article for Daily Nation by John Fox, Managing Director of iDC We had seen the Board Walk sign at Mida Creek a few times as, over the last few years at Christmas, we drove up and down the Malindi ... (read more)

Back page interview: Peter Harris 4 January 2013
“The Christian community is now on a long and late journey to align our own environmental practice with the biblical inspiration and mandate to care for creation. That calling is evident to anyone ... (read more)

Back page interview: Dave Bookless 23 November 2012
“Sadly, most Christians are just as addicted to consumerism as our neighbours.” Thus begins the ‘Back page interview’ with Dave Bookless on the 23 November 2012 issue of The Church Times, a leadin... (read more)

Global gathering of creation care leaders held in Jamaica 13 November 2012
Creation care is, “a gospel issue, a discipleship issue and a missional issue that is fully grounded in Christian scripture,” says Rev. Dave Bookless, International Advisor for Theology and Churche... (read more)

Blissful peace, less than two hours from Beirut 28 June 2012
A countryside view unhindered by man-made structures is a rarity in Lebanon, but at the Ammiq Wetlands on the green and yellow patchwork planes of the West Bekaa you’ll encounter this unusual sight... (read more)

Saving special places: Developer made to restore trashed wetland 15 June 2012
RSPB blog article by Simon Marsh Back at the end of February I blogged (here) on the news that, after a long-running legal battle, a Portuguese developer received a custodial sentence and a hefty ... (read more)

A Rocha International Press Release: Historic decision for Portuguese environmental law 9 June 2012
In a historic decision for Portuguese environmental law, the owners of Quinta da Rocha which lies at the heart of the Alvor estuary in the Algarve have been ordered to completely restore the habita... (read more)

A Rocha’s Vallée des Baux work on Euro-Site-Manager 31 May 2012
The Eurosite network’s bulletin, Euro-Site-Manager, has a special edition on land stewardship featuring several best practice examples of proper use of land for development and conservation in Eur... (read more)

Global Efforts to Bridge Religion and Conservation: Are They Really Working? 2 May 2012
“Religious faith and communities can, and have already begun to offer what science lacks: a value-laden, unified understanding of creation, humankind and our obligations as stewards of the earth.”... (read more)

Germinating conversations 16 April 2012
A Rocha Prairie Canada helps farmers speak out on food, faith and the land By Evelyn Rempel Petkau, Manitoba Correspondent Doug Dyck operates an 850-hectare mixed-grain farm near Plum Coulee with... (read more)

Saving special places: Developer pays cost for trashing protected wetland 29 February 2012
RSPB blog article by Simon Marsh I was delighted to hear last week that, in a long-running court case in Portugal, a property developer had been given a two-year suspended prison sentence and a ... (read more)

Religiously literate campaign secures prison sentence for rogue developer in Portuguese beauty spot 29 February 2012
Conservation bodies were today jubilant about an ‘unprecedented’ verdict against a rogue developer in what could be a first for religiously literate ecology.  A Rocha, the only international Chris... (read more)

Can environmentalists be joyful? 13 June 2011
Would the world be a better place without people? Are there risks in Christians getting enthusiastic about 'saving the planet'? You can read the opinions of longtime friends Eugene Peterson and... (read more)

Patterns of Change: The Art of Conservation 4 February 2011
Quilting and conservation are topics not usually linked together, but they are beautifully connected in "Patterns of Change: The Art of Conservation." The art exhibit organized by A Rocha Prairi... (read more)

Incredible array of new species found in remote Papua New Guinea 6 October 2010
Conservation International Press Release: New frogs, spiders, rodents & other critters among 200 new species discovered  Arlington, VA – An orange spider, a jabbing spiny-legged katydid, a white-... (read more)

200 Species of Plants, Animals Discovered in Papua New Guinea 6 October 2010
Researchers working in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea are reporting the discovery of 200 new species of plants and animals. Two scientific teams carried out the work last year under the ausp... (read more)

Wildlife: A Bevy of New Species Discovered in Papua New Guinea 6 October 2010
Life always surprises. That's the lesson that should be taken from the discovery of 200 new plants and animals in the forest-covered mountain of Papua New Guinea. Today the environmental group Cons... (read more)

Lubigi Wetland faces extinction 27 April 2010
By Zahra Abigaba Kampala — Lubigi Wetland, a critical water catchment area in Wakiso District is at the risk of getting destroyed due to increased human activities, environment experts have warned... (read more)

It’s Time For Doctors to Speak Out on Climate Change 1 October 2009
Climate change is not just an important environmental challenge, it also presents the biggest threat to human health this century, says Dr Graham McAll.  In addition to problems such as rising sea ... (read more)

Chilly circle will keep elephants at home 19 August 2009
Bosky Khanna. Bangalore Several ways have been thought of to resolve the ever lasting man-elephant conflict around Bannerghatta National Park (BNP). Most of them have failed, but one of the tr... (read more)

Elephants sniff and turn away 26 June 2009
Farmers in villages around Bannerghatta National Park (BNP) have been suffering massive agricultural losses owing to elephant menace. Chilli-Tobacco Barrier (CTB), a method to prevent elephants f... (read more)

On the trail of the European Roller - Earthwatch Europe 29 May 2009
From the 17th to 29th May, the A Rocha France team were joined by eight Earthwatch volunteers who came to assist with their research on the European Roller (Coracias garrulus).  Emma Sharp describe... (read more)

Identifying and Conserving IBAs in Lebanon 21 April 2009
The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL; BirdLife in Lebanon) and A Rocha Lebanon have completed a three year, nationwide search for new Important Bird Areas (IBAs). In a country... (read more)

Calling International Rescue 1 November 2008
Portugal’s Ria de Alvor is a hugely important habitat that is being destroyed by neglect and vandalism. It’s time to make a stand, says Gerry Rawcliffe. The Algarve has been a popular destination ... (read more)

Craig Sorley - Heroes of the Environment 2008 17 September 2008
Craig Sorley's conversion to environmentalism came after doctors removed a tumor from his brain. It was 1989 and Sorley was a student at a Christian college in St. Paul, Minn.  As he recuperated... (read more)

Greenbelt - Getting on with elephants 23 August 2008
A Rocha India are using chilli, tobacco and old rope to address human/elephant conflict in Southern India Prem Mitra from Bangalore India is an activist on behalf of Dalits, a theologian, a pr... (read more)

Spearheading the Green revolution 1 August 2008
Concern for the environment was just beginning to reach the public conscience when A Rocha first came into existence, 25 years ago. Since then, this Christian conservation and environmental organ... (read more)

Be agents of change 22 July 2008
Christian conservation organisation A Rocha brings people of all religions together in saving the planet. For prominent British botanist and ecologist Prof Sir Ghillean Prance, nothing excites hi... (read more)

Malaysia to return contraband tortoises to India 26 June 2007
Malaysia will ship back to India nearly 400 live star-patterned tortoises smuggled from the country, wildlife officials said on Monday. Customs officers at Kuala Lumpur's airport seized 404 Indian... (read more)

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