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Creation Care resources - Audio talks

Hear the John Stott London Lectures: listen to Rev Dr Chris Wright (of Langham Partnership International) and David Nussbaum (of WWF-UK), as did nearly 200 people at ZSL London Zoo in October 2013.

Hear Peter Harris: 

Peter Harris

Peter Harris is the Founder and President of A Rocha. He told the story of the organization’s beginnings in Under the Bright Wings (1993) and continued his account of the adventure in Kingfisher’s Fire (2008). Peter and his wife Miranda lived in Portugal for ten years, establishing A Rocha’s first field study centre in the Algarve, and then moved to France, where they were involved in establishing A Rocha France. They have visited most of the A Rocha teams around the world and speak from over thirty years’ experience of demonstrating and teaching about God’s love for all creation.

Peter Harris reading excerpts of Under the Bright Wings.
“The Creation Care Legacy of John Stott” – Episode 1 of “The Agabus Project”, January 2012
"What does it mean that Christ is Lord of creation?" - Santa Barbara, California - 2010

"Why Creation is Waiting for Christians":

Hear Miranda Harris:

Miranda by Darin Dueck - cropped

Together with her husband Peter, Miranda Harris established A Rocha's first field study centre in the Algarve, Portugal during the 80s and then, during the 90s, A Rocha France’s first centre near Arles.  They lived in Provence until 2010, providing coordination and giving leadership to the rapidly growing global movement. Miranda continues to teach and write from their home in England. 

"Made to be at home in creation" - BMS Catalyst Live, Manchester - November 2013
Miranda Harris reading excerpts of Under the Bright Wings
"The Beginnings of A Rocha" - Selangor, Malaysia - 2009
"Creation and Community" - Regent College, Canada - 2003

Hear Leah Kostamo


For the past thirteen years, Leah has worked alongside her husband Markku to establish A Rocha Canada.  She says, ‘Over the years we’ve been astounded by the myriad of folks who have joined us in this calling – folks from around the world and right next door. Folks who have helped us restore salmon streams, open the wonder of creation to school kids, and grow bushels upon bushels of organic vegetables.’ Enjoy her blogs at and at Planetwise.

Leah Kostamo being interviewed at EEN’s Creation Care podcast – July 2012

Hear Rev Dave Bookless:

Dave Bookless by Dan Tay

Dave is A Rocha International's Director of Theology, based in Southall, West London. He is much in demand as a speaker and preacher, and is the author of Planetwise: Dare to care for God’s world. Dave and his wife Anne started A Rocha UK in Southall, working to turn neglected waste ground into a country park and wildlife reserve, so he brings many years of experience in practical conservation and campaigning, as well as biblical study, to the subject of creation care

'God's Word to the Church' - Lausanne South East Asia Regional Conference on Creation Care and the Gospel, Manila, Philippines - March 2014

In July 2008 , Dave spoke at St Paul's Church, Shadwell, England on "How to be Planetwise" (Genesis 1 and 2) and "Jesus and the Earth" (Colossians 1:15-20). Each talk follows prayer and the reading. Listen here

Hear Stella Simiyu:

Stella Simiyu

Stella Simiyu works with Botanic Gardens Conservation International, seconded to the secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to support the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.  Formerly a Research Scientist with the National Museums of Kenya, she has extensive experience working in plant conservation, policy, capacity building and networking.  She is also a member of the national committee of A Rocha Kenya, based in Nairobi.

"The Word, Conservation and a Human Face: an African Perspective" - Regent College, Canada - 2006

Hear Prof Sir Ghillean Prance:

Ghillean Prance

Prof Sir Ghillean Prance is the Chair of A Rocha's International Trustees.  For eleven years he worked as the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, until his retirement in 1999.  He trained as a plant taxonomist and is an expert on the flora of the Amazon rainforests.  He is currently Scientific Director of the Eden Project in Cornwall and Visiting Professor at Reading University. 

"The Groaning Creation" - Regent College, Canada - 2003

Hear Dr Graham McAll:

Graham McAll - horizontal

Having taken leave from his regular work of training family doctors in the UK, Dr Graham McAll is examining the health impacts of global climate change and the response of Christian clinicians.  As a member of the UK’s Climate and Health Council, he has written and spoken on this subject over the last few years.  Formerly, Graham lived in Malaysia for seven years with his family when he worked as a lecturing surgeon in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

"Climate Change, Health and Faith" - Selangor, Malaysia - 2009

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