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Wild and Wonderful: Tourism, Faith and Communities by Stan L LeQuire and Chantelle du Plessis

Resource Publications, November 2013, ISBN 13:978-1-62032-868-2, 140 pages, paperback and ebook.

A Rocha Kenya’s ASSETS programme and Savannaland, an initiative of A Rocha Ghana and partners, feature positively and prominently in this thoroughly-researched book, which presents good examples of community-based tourism, mostly in the Americas and Africa.

The authors examine the benefits and challenges of these enterprises for travellers seeking a holiday or planning a short-term mission trip. They also give advice for communities wanting to build a tourism-based business, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of welcoming outsiders into their villages, their homes and the local habitats on which they depend. More

Cover for Ben Lowe’s Doing Good

Doing Good Without Giving Up, by Ben Lowe

InterVarsity Press, ISBN-13: 978-0-8308-3679-6

Ben says, “I wrote Doing Good Without Giving Up to share what God has been teaching me, how he has sustained me and others in our various callings, and where our faith and hope come from.

The book’s premise is straightforward. Change is still possible and remarkable things will continue to be accomplished. But there are two things we need to get right.” More

"Planted" book cover

Planted, by Leah Kostamo

Cascade Books, ISBN 13: 978-1-62032-708-1

For the past twelve years, Leah and Markku Kostamo have spearheaded the work of A Rocha Canada. In Planted, Leah recalls many of the highs and lows with humility and humour. This is an easy, highly enjoyable, but thought-provoking read: as Eugene Peterson says in the Foreword, ‘This is a book full of good stories told by a good storyteller.’ More

Ruth Valerio ‘L is for lifestyle’ Cover

‘L’ is for Lifestyle: Christian living that doesn’t cost the earth, by Ruth Valerio

Inter-Varsity Press, November 2008, paperback – 192 pages, £8.99, ISBN: 9781844743438

You wake up and jump in the shower. The water is hot and the house warm. You eat breakfast: coffee made with water boiled in the kettle, and cereal with milk kept cool in the fridge. You throw out the foil trays from last night’s takeaway before jumping in the car and setting off for work.

You’ve done nothing unusual, but already your lifestyle choices have had an impact on people and the environment across the world.


Ruth Valerio ‘Environment’ Cover

Life Issues Bible Study: Environment, by Ruth Valerio

CWR, 2008, A5 softback, 32 pages, £3.99, ISBN: 978-1-85345-481-3.

Dr Ruth Valerio has written this Bible study for small group study or personal use. Each of the four sessions is a combination of the biblical and the practical and finishes with a practical response. In each session Ruth takes one of the four main issues our world faces (climate change, deforestation, species loss and water) and four main areas in which we can make a difference: food, travel, energy and waste.


Hope for the Ocean: Marine Conservation, Poverty Alleviation and Blessing the Nations, by Robert D Sluka

Grove Booklet: Apr 2012, paperback: £3.95 (+p&p) ISBN 9781851748259

The Bible often talks of the value of the earth as created by God, but the theological significance of the environment extends to the oceans as well—not least because this is a truly shared resource.

This study looks at the setting up of marine protection areas (MPAs) as an example of good stewardship, and how it might exemplify the theological concerns of sabbath, justice and humility.

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Dick Tripp - The Biblical Mandate for Caring for Creation
The Biblical Mandate for Caring for Creation, by Dick Tripp

New Zealand: Avery Bartlett Books, 2011, paperback - 158 pages, $24.99, ISBN: 978-0-473-19374-4

In The Biblical Mandate for Caring for Creation, Dick Tripp, involved with A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand's work in Christchurch, provides a detailed biblical approach to the growing crisis in our environment, its causes, the role of the Christian church and the challenge that lies before us all. More

God Doesn't Do Waste
God Doesn't Do Waste, by Dave Bookless

UK: IVP, 2010, paperback - 160 pages, £7.99, ISBN: 978-1-84474-473-2

Meet ‘the Bookless bunch’, a very ordinary family who went green. When God challenged Dave Bookless over his attitude to the environment, he did a total rethink. This led to major changes, not only in his family’s lifestyle but also in his career: Dave and his wife Anne were the founders of A Rocha UK and Dave is now a Director in the UK team.

God doesn’t do waste is a story about the messiness that each human being wades through in every area of their lives, and about a God who can take all that seems most wasteful and useless, and recycle it into something of infinite worth. More – or become a Fan of God Doesn't Do Waste on Facebook.

The Radical Disciple - book cover
The Radical Disciple, by John Stott

UK: IVP, 2010, paperback - 144 pages, £8.99, ISBN: 978-1-84474-421-3
USA: IVP, 2010, casebound – 144 pages, $15.00, ISBN: 978-0-8308-3847-9

This is a farewell book by one of the giants of our generation. Writing at the age of eighty-eight, John Stott calls his readers to a life of whole-hearted Christian living and identifies eight characteristics which he would like to see in every disciple of Jesus. 

He highlights caring for creation as a neglected aspect of radical discipleship, describing it as an expression of worship, “… since our care of the creation will reflect our love for the Creator”. More

Kingfisher's Fire, Peter Harris

Kingfisher's Fire: A Story of Hope for God's Earth, by Peter Harris

UK - Monarch Books: January 2008, paperback - 224 pages, £7.99, ISBN 978 1 85424 848 0
USA - Monarch Books: August 2008, $12.99, ISBN 978 0 8254 6182 8

In Kingfisher's Fire, Peter Harris, Founder and President of A Rocha, describes the story of the remarkable growth of A Rocha over the last ten years; from one field study centre in Portugal to a family of wonderfully varied community conservation projects in eighteen countries. More

Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living, by Nick Spencer, Bob White, and Ginny Vroblesky

Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living, by Nick Spencer, Bob White, and Ginny Vroblesky

Hendrickson Publishers: December 2009, Paperback - 288 pages, US $16.95, ISBN: 9781598562293

A few years ago, A Rocha USA founding Director Ginny Vroblesky visited Croatia. There, a shopkeeper in Dubrovnik asked her what he should do about climate change. Realizing she had no good answer for him, she promised to investigate. In 2008, she made good on that promise, teaming up with UK authors Nick Spencer and Robert White to adapt their book, Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living for North American audiences. More

Planetwise book

Planetwise, by Dave Bookless

IVP: February 2008, paperback - 160 pages, £7.99, ISBN 9781844742516

'I was in the act of throwing away my family's rubbish while holidaying on a beautiful island when I heard God speak: "How do you think I feel about what you are doing to my world?"'

Since that day, Dave Bookless has been on a mission: to share with others the compelling biblical case for caring for the planet God made for his glory and his people's enjoyment. More

Biblical prophets and contemporary environmental ethics, by Hilary Marlow

Biblical Prophets and Contemporary Environmental Ethics, by Hilary Marlow

Oxford University Press: November  2009, hardback - 360 pages, £65.00, ISBN 978-0-19-956905-2

In Biblical Prophets and Contemporary Environmental Ethics, Hilary Marlow, former A Rocha International Trustee, explores what an ecological reading of the biblical text can contribute to contemporary environmental ethics. More

Tending to Eden, by Scott Sabin (cover)

Tending to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People, by Scott C. Sabin

Judson Press: February 2010, paperback - 192 pages, US$18.00, ISBN 978-0-8170-1572-5

Tending to Eden is written by the Executive Director of Plant With Purpose, a Christian non-profit organisation, with operations in seven countries, working to reverse deforestation and poverty by transforming the lives of the rural poor. More

Real Scientists, Real Faith

Real Scientists, Real Faith: 17 leading scientists reveal the harmony between their science and their faith, edited by R.J. Berry

Monarch Books: May 2009, paperback - 288 pages, £8.99, ISBN 9781854248848

In Real Scientists, Real Faith, R.J. Berry introduces 17 scientists, all esteemed by their peers, to tackle two questions: what difference their faith makes to their scientific practice; and, what difference their science makes to their understanding of their faith. More

Go green, save green, by Nancy Sleeth

Go Green, Save Green: A Simple Guide to Saving Time, Money and God's Green Earth, by Nancy Sleeth

USA: Tyndale House Publishers: April 2009, paperback - 350 pages, $14.99, ISBN 978-1414326986
UK: Tyndale House Publishers: June 2009, £10.49

Go Green, Save Green is the first faith-based book (in the USA) for green living, helping you to save time and money while leaving a healthier environment for your children and future generations.  It is filled with thousands of practical ideas for greening up your home, workplace, school, and church.  Go Green, Save Green will help you put your faith into action. More

It's easy being green, Emma Sleeth

It's Easy Being Green: One Student's Guide to Serving God and Saving the Planet, by Emma Sleeth

ZonderKidz: April 2008, paperback - 192 pages, £6.99, ISBN 0310279259

Emma Sleeth is a freshman who is studying English at Asbury College, Kentucky.  Creation care is nothing new to Emma, whose father, Dr. Matthew Sleeth, is the author of Serve God, Save the Planet and travels widely for A Rocha USA, taking the creation care message to churches, college campuses and conferences. Emma calls taking care of the planet, “the family business”.  More

Serve God, Save the Planet - frontcover

Serve God, Save the Planet, by J. Matthew Sleeth, MD

Zondervan: April 2007, paperback - 256 pages, ISBN 0310275342

Dr. Matthew Sleeth is a former emergency room director and chief of medical staff, who now writes, preaches, and teaches full-time about faith and the environment. His inspiring and practical book Serve God, Save the Planet addresses such questions as How can I live a more equitable and meaningful life? How can I be less materialistic? How can I live a more charitable life? What would happen if I led a slower-paced existence? More

Caring for Creation book

Caring for Creation, edited by Sarah Tillett

Bible Reading Fellowship: November 2005, £8.99 ISBN 1 84101 439 7

In his foreword to the new A Rocha book Caring for Creation, John Stott writes, “Creation is a much-neglected biblical topic, and caring for creation an equally neglected biblical responsibility. So I am delighted with this symposium.” Caring for Creation meets a real need by combining twelve biblical reflections from various authors with stories from A Rocha’s work around the world. More

Jesus and the Earth book

Jesus and the Earth, by Bishop James Jones

SPCK Publishing: November 2003, paperback, £6.99, ISBN 0281056234

It's not everyday that a Bishop admits to a new conversion experience! In this remarkable little book, James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool and a member of A Rocha UK's Council of Reference writes about his "ecological conversion" as a result of re-reading the Gospels. He examines in detail the seven occasions when Jesus speaks of himself as the Son of Man (literally 'son of one made from the soil') at the same time as speaking of the earth.

The care of creation, edited by RJ Berry

The Care of Creation, edited by RJ Berry

Inter-Varsity Press: April 2000, paperback, £9.99, ISBN 0-85111-657-4

The Care of Creation, published in the UK, is a commentary on the 1994 "Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation" which has been endorsed by several hundred church leaders throughout the world.  More

The text of the Declaration on the Care of Creation is also available to download in Arabic as a PDF document.

Under the Bright Wings - front cover

Under the Bright Wings, by Peter Harris

Regent College Publishing: First published 1993 (reprinted 2000), paperback - 176 pages, ISBN 978-1573831888

Under the Bright Wings tells the story of Peter and Miranda Harris and how they founded A Rocha in the Algarve, Portugal in 1983.  More

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