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A Rocha Kenya (ARK) is committed to environmental action through community based conservation projects. Based mainly in Watamu, a village in the Kenyan coastal county of Kilifi near Malindi, we operate our conservation programmes out of a residential centre, Mwamba.

Kilifi County is home to some of the richest and most diverse habitats in the whole of Kenya - considered internationally important for bird and marine conservation.

Despite the richness and diversity of local habitats in this area, an exploding population and desperately high levels of poverty are putting a huge strain on the delicate relationship between the local people and the surrounding environment.

By working with the local communities, A Rocha Kenya aims to achieve the long-term conservation of threatened habitats and species in the Malindi-Watamu area. ARK was formally established in 1999 and opened the Mwamba Field Study Centre in Watamu in 2002. An office was opened in Karen, Nairobi, in 2013.

A Rocha Kenya’s work focuses on four main areas:


Environmental Education
Teaching children the importance of caring for creation and training local school teachers to coordinate and oversee educational environmental care activities in their schools.

A Rocha Kenya offers you an amazing opportunity to experience how Conservation and Christianity go together through practical involvement in our work.

Register for our 2015 Summer Field Course for a lifetime experience:

July 1st to 31st

at the Mwamba Field Study Centre

Canoeing Mida Creek

Community Conservation

Community Conservation
The ASSETS scheme uses money generated from eco-tourism to provide secondary school “Eco-scholarships” assistance with school fees with a strong link to nature conservation.


Field Study Centre
Mwamba Centre offers comfortable accommodation with good food just off the beautiful white beach of Watamu and its famous National Marine Park. All are welcome to stay - be it for a beach holiday, enjoying the local historical sites or watching the amazing diversity of birds we have in the area. We also welcome small groups for workshops and seminars.

Research and Monitoring

Research & Monitoring
ARK's scientific programme has a focus on the local threatened habitats and species including Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Mida Creek, Dakatcha Woodlands and the local marine ecosystem. Through it we seek to better understand the species and ecosystems and the threats to them and in so doing help to protect them.

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Spend Your Holiday at Mwamba

Mwamba-Beach Safari-Zebra

Our centre, Mwamba, in Watamu provides delightful accommodation for visitors on the beach. Part of the proceeds from this facility go to fund our other programmes. For more details, click here.


National Office in Nairobi

We also have a Nairobi office that is located in our forested property called 'Karara' just beyond the Karen shopping centre on the Ngong road where we are starting to carry out environmental education activities, have an indigenous tree nursery and Farming God's Way demonstration - as well as have it as our national base.

Paradise beneath the waves

Paradise beneath the waves screenshot

Enjoy the glorious underwater world of Watamu Marine National Park. ‘Paradise beneath the waves’ was filmed by Tim Gordon, a volunteer with A Rocha Kenya’s marine research team. The team, led by Dr Robert Sluka and Benjamin Cowburn, is currently focusing their efforts on cataloguing and assessing threats to marine wildlife in the park, as well as developing resources towards a Christian understanding of marine conservation and research. Come visit the park for a holiday, staying at our field study centre Mwamba or apply to join our research team for short or long term work.

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New Sokoke Scops Owl Reserve in Dakatcha

Kirosa_SSO_Reserve_0005sWith generous funding from the Bob Scott Appeal, A Rocha Kenya is securing an intiail 220 acres of Cynometra forest in Dakatcha to protect the Endangered Sokoke Scops Owl. More information will be posted on our blog

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