Doing a balance with good news!

Although this time of the year is prone to evaluations and plans, it is also a good time to give thanks for what has happened  and A ROCHA keeps having more and better news!

Ria de Alvor is an important site for our work, because it is important for people that appreciate its natural values, the impact on tourism and on environmental education of many students in the region. It is also important for the environment, given the strong contribution in the sustainability of several species that depend on this area for migrating, nesting or growing successfully. That makes it even more special, the conviction by the court that mandates the restoring of important habitats previously destroyed by the owners of Quinta da Rocha in this area. It was a long path but done with excellence in defending and preserving this natural area.

The importance of Ria de Alvor is reinforced when several teachers and classes of students pass through our hands, eager to learn more about wildlife, ecosystems  and using that in their classes and field trips as a valuable educational resource.

We still want to highlight the work that is being done by our local group in Alcobaça. This time they promoted an event where they collected seeds to start a bank of native plants. The idea is that those plants are used to recover habitats or to set up green spaces using species that are more indigenous to the region.

These are some more reasons to celebrate, that we include in the evaluation we are doing.


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