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Thank you for wanting to get involved! There are several options:


If you have time to give, you might like to volunteer with us. From DYI and environmental education to social media and vegetable gardening, all kinds of skills are welcome. Volunteering may happen at a field centre or right where you are. Read about our volunteering opportunities, and then fill in the volunteering form.

Research and internships

Many projects are able to accommodate students who want to do research based from one of our field study sites. You’ll have the support of a staff member, and in most cases a resident community. Read about our internship opportunities, and then fill in the volunteering form.

Stay at one of our centres

Alternatively, why not holiday at a centre? You’ll enjoy the food, the natural setting and the community ambiance, and learn more about A Rocha at first hand. We have centres in Canada (BC and Manitoba), the Czech Republic, France, India, Kenya and Portugal.

Take action

Get involved in our campaigns and take action on tackling issues like marine plastics and climate change, helping to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. Our current campaign is Save Atewa Forest. See also our Microplastics Toolbox.

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Thank you for considering a gift to A Rocha! Your support will help bring together communities to protect wildlife and enable creation care to become a normal part of the Christian life. Your donation will give hope through conservation to a world in distress. Donate today.


Still have questions?

Read what others have said about their time with us on our Why get involved with A Rocha? page and be inspired.

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