Get creative!

You can collect donations for any sponsored event, a birthday or wedding anniversary or in memory of someone special – the sporty types don’t need to have all the fun! So if hiking up a mountain or running a marathon aren’t your cup of tea, here are a few fun ideas to help kick-start your fundraising.

  1. Dress in green for the day – are you brave enough to go to the office or the shops in green and get sponsored for doing it?!
  2. Give up your birthday – how about asking your friends, colleagues and family to give donations instead of gifts this year?
  3. … or your wedding gifts – offer your friends and family the option of giving a gift that will last, in honour of your wedding day.
  4. Cook global – host a meal with an international theme and ask everyone to contribute to your fundraising pot.
  5. Get creative – paintings, pottery, cards or cakes – set up a stall and sell your wonderful creations.
  6. Time for tea – host a coffee morning, offering tea, coffee and how about some green iced cupcakes?
  7. Throw a party – if hosting a party’s more your scene, why not charge for entry on the door and persuade the venue to offer the space for free in return for your friends buying a drink or two all in the good cause of charity?
  8. Hold a raffle – ask your friends to donate prizes for your party or event. You can be sure that most of them will have something that they’re happy to part with that someone else will love!

Top tip: Matched Giving

Matched Giving is a great way of boosting your fundraising. Simply approach your employer and ask them to pledge to match the final amount you manage to raise, thus doubling your donation pound for pound in one easy step!

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