15 September: Help the seas, wherever you are!

Could you join A Rocha International in this year’s International Coastal Cleanup? Organized by The Ocean Conservancy, this worldwide initiative takes place on 15 September.

And here’s a compelling reason to take part: love!

  1. Love God: he loves it all and made it all… except for litter! We are creating and dumping materials that nature cannot handle, such as plastic.
  2. Love your neighbour: humans and animals are negatively impacted by litter. Make it better for everyone by removing some.
  3. Love your neighbourhood: picking litter is a simple first step that can lead to all kinds of actions!

Sadly, the facts are stark: litter is growing by about the weight of ten large cars – each second . This rubbish then flows to the sea, taken there by rivers, storms and sewers, when it’s not deposited in the ocean directly.

So, why not get involved? Register your involvement and, if nothing is being planned near you, consider starting your own group and submit your own cleanup location. This interactive map shows cleanup events taking place around the globe.

Remember to tag your social media posts with #cleanup and #ARocha and register your event in the Season of Creation website.

Encouraged by A Rocha, La Unión Church in Mar del Plata, Argentina got together with Christian Surfers Argentina and the Christian group Kairós. In just two hours, they collected 32 bags of litter, plus three containers filled with sharp objects. (Photo: Analia Milanessi)


Learn more about A Rocha’s global plastic cleanup project.

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