Esperanza Peace Centre provides important social development skills to its participants 2nd Apr 2019
New Institutional Brochure 2nd Apr 2019
Planting trees in the desert 1st Mar 2019
Dry Forest Project in Talara comes to a successful end 4th Nov 2018
Esperanza Peace Centre provides children with microenterprise experience 4th Nov 2018
New dry forest conservation project in La Libertad 4th Nov 2018
2018 Events 4th Nov 2018
Bringing hope to Peru’s dry forests 1st Sep 2018
How do you bring back a forest? 1st May 2018
Local community members raise awareness of sustainable management of the dry forest 26th Feb 2018
The next generation of environmental leaders are being trained in innovation 26th Feb 2018
Local environmental leaders from Talara participate in a knowledge exchange trip 26th Feb 2018
The new A Rocha Peru network of students and professionals launches the recycled market 26th Feb 2018
Local community work together to clean up their streets 17th Aug 2017
Global Big Day in Talara registers 37 species of birds! 17th Aug 2017
A Rocha Peru celebrates 12th Anniversary 17th Aug 2017
Juliana Morrillo speaks at Praxis Symposium in Cochabamba 17th Aug 2017
New environmental education manual launched 17th Aug 2017
In Talara, we continue to reforest in the face of adversity 10th Jul 2017
The children of the Esperanza Peace Centre learn about the disaster 10th Jul 2017