A new member of the family – Christians in Conservation

A dream has come to fruition in the Philippines, a country with a remarkable number of species found nowhere else in the world. Based in Quezon City (Metro Manila), Christians in Conservation (CIC) have been teaching people about caring for the people and places around them since 2013. Why? Because God does. And now they have joined the global family as the latest Associated Project of A Rocha International!

The CIC vision is to train people in earth-keeping; teach zero waste management; and establish a native plant nursery and seedling bank as an alternative sustainable livelihood which benefits people and the planet. As is A Rocha’s practice, the starting point is conservation projects with the local community and churches, alongside practical teaching on what the Bible has to say about caring for creation. With a broad spectrum of expertise – including church leadership and biology – and an office at the Asian Theological Seminary (Quezon City), they are poised for the challenge.

CIC’s main fieldwork site is 10 ha within a larger property owned by a residential college for hearing and hearing-impaired youth in Cavinti, at the southern end of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Half the site has already been deforested, so CIC wants to act before the remaining forest follows suit. Common practices threatening this landscape are poaching, cutting down trees to make charcoal and using slash and burn techniques in farming. CIC is offering alternatives!

Despite a small project budget, CIC’s reach includes millions of people in Manila and beyond. We are glad to have CIC’s voice join with ours. Welcome to the family, CIC!

Members of the CIC Committee with Dave Bookless (left to right: Dr Zenet Maramara, Prof Carmela Espanola, Lydia Robledo, Dave Bookless and Pastor Dave Trinidad)

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