A Rocha hosts global birding day in memory of John Stott

6 Apr 2021

The ‘John Stott Memorial Birding Day’ is a global one-day event run by A Rocha on 8 May 2021 to commemorate and celebrate our great friend and supporter John Stott’s legacy as a theologian, pastor and birdwatcher in his centenary year.

In his book, The Birds our Teachers, Stott wrote:

‘It was Jesus Christ himself in the Sermon on the Mount who told us to be bird-watchers! (Matthew 6:26) … We have the highest possible authority for this activity.’

Whether you are a novice or an expert birder, we invite you to join friends old and new to head into the great outdoors and enjoy the birds wherever you are in God’s good creation.

There are several ways you can take part in the event, and information about all of them can be found at www.johnstottbirdingday.com. If you are a keen birder, you may want to compete in the Bird Race. Photographers can enter our bird photography competition and storytellers are invited to submit stories of birding adventures they have been on with John Stott. We have also created resources so you can go on a spiritual bird retreat.

Please visit the website, join the Facebook group and use #JohnStottBirding on Twitter and Instagram to share experiences on the day. See you there!


A Rocha hosts global birding day in memory of John Stott 6 Apr 2021
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