A Rocha in the arts

From its earliest days, A Rocha has been bringing together wider communities to explore creative, hopeful and celebratory ways of expressing our calling to care for creation. We began in countries such as Lebanon and Portugal to develop artistic projects that encourage a love of creation, and in recent years in the USA singer-songwriters have come together to create music that churches and individuals can use to express the full creational scope of the gospel.

If you don’t think you’re a conservationist, we hope you will be encouraged by Kevin and Katie’s stories: two volunteers who have been supporting A Rocha through their art:

Kevin Ho from Jamaica works with A Rocha International as a volunteer visual artist, editing photographs and creating illustrations and paintings for use on the website. ‘My calling to creation care stems from the joy nature brings,’ says Kevin. ‘I love sitting outside enjoying the mountain views and watching the parrots fly by every morning and evening. I believe it’s my duty to help preserve the natural world I love so much, not just for myself, but for future generations. And one way I can serve in creation care is through my art.’

In 2018, Katie Eshelman volunteered with A Rocha Kenya as a Wildlife Artist. ‘When I was young, it was the beauty of Creation that inspired me to draw,’ she says. ‘It continues to inspire me to this day. God has given me the gift of creativity and it is my responsibility to share that gift; my hope is that my art will lead others to fall more in love with the natural world, inspiring them to care for it while bringing glory to God.’

One of Katie’s projects was to illustrate a game that educates local communities about the globally endangered Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew Rhynchocyon chrysopygus, which is only found in the nearby Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Gede Ruins and Dakatcha Woodlands.


Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna) by Kevin Ho. See more of his art

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