A showcase for Atewa

The campaign to protect Ghana’s Atewa Forest was brought to the attention of MPs, local dignitaries, school children and the general public again earlier this year during an exhibition held at the British Council in Accra.

The exhibition consisted of photographs and videos depicting Atewa Forest’s biodiversity, its hydrological importance and the threats it faces from bauxite mining. Seth Appiah-Kubi, the National Director of A Rocha Ghana, and Professor Alfred Oteng-Yeboah, the Board Chair, both gave opening speeches at the launch event.

Professor Yeboah also introduced a new report: The Biodiversity of Atewa Forest, which is the most comprehensive collation of species records for the forest to date. Demonstrating the biological importance of the forest, it forms a valuable piece of evidence to underpin our arguments for protecting Atewa.

The event captured the attention of Ghana’s leading newspaper, which featured an editorial on Atewa urging the government not to proceed with mining without more careful consideration.

Photo: A Rocha Ghana

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