Driving Elephants, now online

Driving Elephants, the new feature film by A Rocha India and the Karnataka Forest Department, is now available to watch online. It documents the harsh realities of human-elephant interactions around Bannerghatta National Park and their implications for conserving the threatened Asian Elephant.

The film was produced by Kirsty Wells, a young wildlife filmmaker from the UK with a keen interest in conservation. For more than two months, she worked alongside A Rocha India, filming and documenting elephants around Bannerghatta.

During the peak crop raiding season, many elephants move out of the park and onto nearby farms and plantations in search of foraging grounds, where they are put into direct conflict with humans. With urbanization and the nearby city of Bangalore moving ever closer, the task of protecting both the elephants and the people with whom they come into contact, is becoming increasingly challenging.

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