European Rollers: new trackers for better conservation

A Rocha France has taken research to new heights thanks to Timothée Schwartz and his team equipping five European Rollers Coracias garrulus with lightweight satellite tags. This allows the birds’ migration patterns to be tracked as they move towards their wintering grounds in southern Africa.

The tracking project involves up-to-date technology which follows the migration of Freja, Koro, Oden, Michel and Marcus live on an online map. Clicking on each bird displays their route so far, with their last location represented by a green cross.

Populations of European Rollers have decreased in Europe over the past decade as the availability of nest sites and foraging resources have been impacted by intensive farming practices. But this study will allow researchers to tap into new and essential data enabling them to better protect this beautiful bird.

European Roller (Peter Harris)




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