Give a Gift with a Difference this Christmas

The Christmas elves have been preparing for the busy festive season at Gifts with a Difference. And there are several new hope-filled gifts available for 2019!

Now you can plant trees in the desert to help restore the dry forest of the Peruvian coast; give a tippy tap – a simple handwashing device for a school or family in Uganda, which will improve the hygiene and health of children and save precious water; or help a Ugandan school grow fruit trees to restore the habitats of plants and wildlife and provide food for local families.

Our trees in the desert gift was launched on Gifts with a Difference in March this year and already 315 trees have been planted by local community members and school children, all thanks to your support. The trees will capture water, protect the soil, provide food for people and livestock and create habitats for wildlife. Thank you for making a difference!

You can browse the whole catalogue at Each order comes with a beautiful, free card to remind your loved one of the difference made in their name.

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