Give the gift of clean water

By purchasing a bio-sand filter through ‘Gifts With a Difference’ you can give a Ugandan family the gift of clean water this Christmas.

The filters remove 99% of pathogens and parasites from any water source without the need for chemical treatment or boiling. Reduced charcoal use means that families have more money to spend on other essentials and, with fewer trees needing to be cut down, habitats are protected.

Coventry Vineyard in the UK purchased 63 bio-sand filters, offering nearly 1200 people access to clean, safe drinking water. ‘They are such a significant way to bless a whole family – and a community,’ says Vicki Sutton, Senior Pastor. ‘We’re not a massive church with huge resources, but Gifts with a Difference enabled us to genuinely make a difference.

‘We included links to the Gifts with a Difference website on our Facebook page and shared updates in our regular enews and at events such as our Christmas gatherings. Gradually the momentum started to build.’

‘Seeing the photographs of the filters we’d bought was amazing! We showed them on a Sunday morning during our worship. The images gave us a real insight into how – and by whom – our gifts would be used.’

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