Helping the UK’s dragonflies and damselflies

Foxearth Meadows Nature Reserve is literally buzzing with life at this time of year, with dragonflies and damselflies zipping over shaded ponds while other insects and mammals go about their business, and the uncommon Hobby Falco subbuteo flies above. But their presence is entirely dependant on having the right kind of habitat to live in. During the last two years A Rocha UK has worked hard to maintain and improve the habitats at the reserve, but there is much that needs to be done.

Foxearth Meadows recently featured on the BBC’s hugely popular Countryfile programme. Presenter Ellie Harrison was able to see for herself the impact of A Rocha UK’s work on the 11 acre site and viewers were able to follow her tour of the reserve.

Find out more about the work to increase the numbers of declining species such as dragonflies and damselflies and the huge efforts by UK supporters to conserve and improve this very special site.

Four-spotted Chaser. Photo: David Chandler

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