Introducing the Newtown Original Organic Pigeon Fertilizer

1st Jul 2019

‘It is quite a drive to our parents,’ says Petr Pokorny, board member of A Rocha Czech Republic, ‘and our three sons find it unbearable to sit quietly for so long. It was on such a journey, filled with chatter, that their company “Three brothers in manure” came into existence. “We keep pigeons, and pigeon manure is better than chicken manure as it doesn’t burn your plants. We could make loads of money with it. We need a super cool name. What about Newtown Original Organic Fertilizer? No preservatives or artificial colours.” Before we got home, the business plan was ready.

Church members generously equipped them for the task with plastic bottles and containers. (One very nobly even volunteered to store the bucket of stinking liquid manure in their garden!) Then on a warm Saturday morning our boys took their small buckets and carried 1,000 litres of water from a nearby spring. The unpleasant task of adding the pigeons’ poo was graciously left to me.

In his 10-year-old handwriting, our son Simon wrote a letter to the director of AGRO Česká Skalice, the largest fertilizer producing company in our region. Admiring the boys’ entrepreneurship, he gave them a free chemical and biological analysis.

Originally, the boys saw it only as a chance to buy lots of chocolate. But following a visit from Sara Kaweesa, the Director of A Rocha Uganda, they decided instead to use it buy a goat or chickens for children in Uganda.

So far, they have only sold a few bottles. But they are confident that in five years their brand will be as famous as Coca-Cola. It’s already got the same colour.’

Homing pigeon by Andreas Trepte – Own work (CC BY-SA 2.5)

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