Kenyan students take note

Last month, A Rocha Kenya’s ASSETS Awareness Week brought together over 100 primary and secondary students and their parents to learn about climate change and sustainable forest use.

The Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Ecotourism Scheme (ASSETS) meets the economic and social needs of communities living around the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest through the provision of secondary school scholarships and involves them in environmental education and practical conservation activities. The forest is the largest remnant of a dry coastal forest which originally stretched from Somalia to Mozambique and is globally recognized for its rich biodiversity.

Children and their parents learned about the global significance of their local environment and pledged to take part in conservation projects that would promote the forest’s protection, such as planting woodlots and tree nurseries and raising awareness within their local communities and schools.

They also remarked on the warming climate and increasingly erratic rainfall that they have been experiencing in recent years. The rainy season arrives later than it used to, making it difficult for farmers to know when to plant their crops. But even in poor communities, like in Kenya, people are committed to local efforts to tackle this global problem.

You can give a Gift with a Difference that will enable a Kenyan student to attend the ASSETS camp in August: a unique adventure, discovering the wildlife of the local coral reefs and rockpools, dry coastal forests and mangrove-fringed creeks.

Photos: A Rocha Kenya

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