Meet Shelley Spruit – a keeper of the seed

Shelley Spruit is a farmer and caterer who takes our responsibility to be stewards of God’s land very seriously indeed. On Against the Grain Farm in Ontario, she and her husband grow heritage and new grains suited to the local climate and soil. Yet throughout September, Shelley gave her time and energy to serve over 150 people attending meetings and conferences at Les Courmettes in France. Those who broke the bread she baked and ate the food she prepared were challenged and inspired by her zeal for creating wholesome food by carefully sourcing her ingredients and the whole grains for her breads from local producers.

In this video, Shelley shares a little of what harvest means to her and how these weeks with A Rocha have impacted how she sees her role as a keeper of the seed.

A Rocha is working with communities around the world demonstrating how they can provide food for their families and a sustainable livelihood, while protecting the integrity of the land and its biodiversity.

This Harvest, could you help to support sustainable farming projects that are better for people and the planet? Our target is to raise £10,000 by 31 October.

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Shelley offering the communion bread. Photo: Melissa Ong

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