New mobile app delivers God’s word across Africa

A new mobile phone app, developed and launched by African Pastors Fellowship (APF), has been launched in East Africa – putting a mobile library of theological resources into the hands of rural pastors for the first time. The ‘eVitabu’ app, which is installed on solar-powered Android devices will help support pastors’ ministries with large church networks across East Africa, potentially impacting the Christian journey of over half a million people.  

A Rocha is one of several organizations to provide content for the new app which includes studies on personal, spiritual and pastoral growth; audio Bibles in local languages; theology courses from internationally renowned centres; video lectures by top Christian leaders; community development toolkits; and guides on family healthcare, leadership, advocacy, peace-building, and sustainable agriculture. It also enables African pastors to upload and share their own theological insights with their peers.

Dave Stedman, CEO of APF commented: ‘APF resource and enable African Christian leaders, of all denominations, to minister effectively through the local church. eVitabu has the potential to enable thousands of rural church leaders to access great quality training material possibly for the very first time. Excitingly it also provides a unique platform for the voice of the Africa church. African leaders can use eVitabu to upload and share their own material with other church leaders, so everyone benefits.’

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