Planting in the Park

Bannerghatta National Park is home to an amazing diversity of wildlife – including tigers, elephants and other mammals. Being next to Bangalore, a metropolis of 8 million people, the park is under immense human pressure from increasing agriculture, urbanization, grazing and illegal logging. A Rocha India is working hard to protect the park’s forest cover – and we’re not alone!

Last June, the computer company Dell brought over 360 employees to our Kasserguppe Field Centre and into Bannerghatta to plant trees, with the help of Reaching Hands and the Karnataka Forest Department.

A total of 1,090 saplings were planted, including 17 different species such as Banyan Ficus benghalensis, Indian Almond Terminalia catappa and Indian Rosewood Dalbergia latifolia.

A Rocha India trustee Sandeep Hebick gave a closing word of thanks: ‘With Bangalore’s rising CO₂ emissions and shrinking green cover, Bangaloreans should play an active role in protecting the landscape of Bannerghatta National Park.’

Although planting was carried out at the beginning of the wet season, the rain was very erratic this year – A Rocha India had to water the saplings for 20 days to insure their survival. Three months later, the trees are doing well, growing fast and already attracting birds! The next tree-planting day is already being planned.

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