Planting trees in the desert

Brand new to Gifts with a Difference: you can plant trees in the desert to help restore the dry forest of the Peruvian coast.

The forest is rich in biodiversity and provides habitats for many unique and endangered species. It also supports the livelihoods of local communities. Yet today less than 2% remains, making it one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems.

A Rocha Peru is training low-income farmers and community members to restore and sustainably manage the dry forest in ways that boost their income and conserve the habitat.

600 trees, predominantly Algarrobo, are being planted in a three-hectare area. A water-absorbing gel applied at the roots allows tree seedlings and saplings to better retain the limited water in the soil, increasing their survival rate to 95%.

Your gift will provide seven native trees which will capture water, protect the soil, provide food for people and livestock and create habitats for wildlife. Buy yours today at

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