Protecting the oceans in the US and beyond

The east coast of Florida is home to beautiful beaches, the Indian River Lagoon and a stunning array of local wildlife. Led by Dr Robert Sluka, A Rocha USA are establishing a field study centre here to conduct research and education in the lagoon and coastal marine habitats and carrying out beach cleanups and microplastics research.

Situated at the border of the temperate and subtropical zones, Central Florida’s biodiversity is particularly high – including manatees, alligators, countless fish species and shorebirds. But in the midst of its beauty and biodiversity, the area also faces numerous challenges. The Indian River Lagoon watershed serves as the drainage point for inland rivers and lakes, bringing muck and nutrients into a once clear and productive lagoon. Like all beaches, plastic pollution is an issue. And there is huge pressure for development in the region.

On World Oceans Day, 8 June 2019, we are joining the global chorus to celebrate our marine environment. In Florida, as elsewhere around the world, A Rocha’s work focuses on the intrinsic value of marine life while also recognizing its great benefit to humans. We provide opportunities for people to connect with God through the ocean and experience its impacts on health and wellbeing.

Just one way you can take action this World Oceans Day is by supporting our Marine Life Conservation Fund through Gifts with a Difference. Your gift today will help to transform the oceans so that its rich bounty is sustained for future generations.

Photos: Alligator (Jeremy Lindsell); Manatees (Peter Harris)

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