See our new forest restoration project in Peru

1 Jan 2015
Project staff being trained by A Rocha Peru’s Talara Project Coordinator (A Rocha Peru)

Project staff being trained by A Rocha Peru’s Talara Project Coordinator (A Rocha Peru)

Peruvian dry forest is one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems, and so, in northern Peru, A Rocha, ContourGlobal and the local population have formed a partnership to restore dry forest and promote social development. It’s a four-year programme financed by ContourGlobal, an international energy company which owns the arid wind farm site at Talara, where the project is based. The initiative was designed and is being implemented by A Rocha Peru, in collaboration with eight neighbourhood councils adjacent to the wind farm. Seventeen hectares will be reforested: 12 hectares within the wind farm site and 5 hectares on neighbourhood council land, on which a community ecological centre will be developed to raise awareness about dry forest conservation and provide recreational space. Six thousand native tree seedlings will be produced, which in time will provide habitat for many endemic species, including a critically endangered bird, the Peruvian Plantcutter Phytotoma raymondii.

Local people will be trained in the sustainable use of dry forest resources, in order to obtain honey, flour and other derivatives for personal consumption and production. To discover more about how they will benefit, watch ‘Planting Seeds of Hope’, a 3:42 minute video.

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