The A Rocha International Review is out now!

Our latest International Review is hot off the press and will give you a taste of some of A Rocha’s work around the world from 2018/2019. As environmental issues shoot up the agenda, it is encouraging to read stories of hope: like our forest reserve in Dakatcha Woodlands, Kenya tripling in size; or of the 10,000 + people that have benefited from A Rocha Uganda’s bio-sand filters, bringing clean water and reducing deforestation around Kampala.  

This is not to diminish the challenges – the update on our campaign to save the Atewa Forest in Ghana makes sobering reading. But thanks to your support, communities on six continents are making a real difference to the places and wildlife they love, and species as diverse the Grey-faced Petrel of New Zealand and the elephants of Bannerghatta, India are more secure. 

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