Czech Republic – bird ringing

Czech bird monitoring

Kruparna, A Rocha Czech Republic’s environmental centre, is in the northeast of the Czech Republic. The centre and its ponds and bird hide enjoys many visitors – children, adults and wildlife. The team actively monitors and rings birds in nearby Special Protected Areas (SPAs) under the Natura 2000 / European Birds Directive.

The team would appreciate volunteers with at least a basic knowledge of ornithology or environmental conservation to help with the monitoring and ringing (in spring and summer) and research in general (at all times). The main monitoring work will be with Corncrake and Red-backed Shrike. Other activities that may be part of the work programme are building nest boxes, DIY, gardening, and general support of the field study centre. Volunteers are expected to be involved in work activities over usual work hours (6-7 hours per day). Speaking Czech is not necessary, but please be prepared that the team operates in Czech and has basic English.

Volunteers usually come for a period of one week minimum (and are welcome to stay longer!) and are accommodated in single-sex dormitory rooms at Kruparna at the cost of 15 € per day for food and lodging. This opportunity could be a great fit for two friends who wish to volunteer together, as the residential community is small and may not be able to offer full-time support over weekends.

To apply, please fill out our volunteer application form.

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