Kenya – Terrestrial Science

A Rocha Kenya has exciting opportunities for anyone with an interest and passion for fieldwork in biodiversity surveys! Volunteers will have the chance to push the boundaries of science to discover new range extensions and even potentially species (of insect) in carrying out baseline surveys of wildlife in our newly created A Rocha Dakatcha Nature Reserve.

If you are an experienced birder / entomologist / herpetologist / botanist etc., come and join us! If you don’t feel experienced but are careful in paying attention to detail and following a protocol, come and join us! Whatever your experience, if you are happy and willing to rough it camping in the bush, then also wonderful – come and join us! Note – ‘roughing it’ is a reality. Field conditions are tough but hugely rewarding for the wildlife you’ll see and study.

Volunteers would usually come for a period of 4-12 weeks and would be based at the field study centre, Mwamba, on the coast at Watamu.

Costs: approximately $20 US per day for volunteers, including all three meals.

To apply, please fill out our volunteer application form. For more details about volunteering, download our A Rocha Kenya International Volunteer Handbook.

Note: the security advice for the Kenyan coast has been in flux. Please check with your travel insurance provider to confirm cover and read the current travel advice issued by your country – e.g. British Foreign Commonwealth Office travel advice at Any decision to travel is the responsibility of the traveller.

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