Sarah Young

 Fundraising and Communications Manager

Sarah Young (Melissa Ong)Sarah joined the International Team in September 2008 to provide communications assistance, particularly helping to upgrade the A Rocha websites. She now also coordinates A Rocha’s international fundraising efforts: everything from grant writing to building relationships with supporters.

After graduating from York University in 2005 with a degree in Environment, Economics and Ecology, Sarah spent time volunteering with the A Rocha teams in Kenya, Portugal and the UK and studied part-time to complete an MSc in Development Management with the Open University. She loves to unwind by doing something creative, like drawing, painting, making jewellery or cooking.

Why A Rocha?

After graduating, I was looking for a volunteer placement that would combine my Christian faith with my environmental science degree. I found A Rocha and got hooked!

What do you enjoy most?

New challenges. My latest is learning desktop-publishing.

You’ve spent over two years living with A Rocha teams in Africa and Europe. How has that influenced you?

In many ways! Staying in A Rocha centres, I’ve been able to experience the blessings (and challenges) of living in community. I’ve learned to value a cup of tea, time with friends and how much a pencil can mean to a child who has nothing. I’ve also learned new languages, enjoyed a wonderful variety of foods and have friends scattered around the world.

You’re A Rocha’s fundraiser. Does that influence how you donate?

I think it’s important to be intentional, so I try to pray about it, decide in my heart how much I should give and then do that. Having standing orders works well for me. Plus, I know that a regular source of income helps the charity too.

I couldn’t do my job without…

Opportunities to meet face-to-face with colleagues. But Skype is wonderful for when this is not possible.

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