Thank you for praying! Here are two resources to help you:

A prayer calendar

You can use this prayer calendar each day for a month. A Rocha is not a response to an environmental crisis, but a response to God’s love for all creation. And so in planning this aid, we didn’t start with the question, ‘What are A Rocha’s needs?’ Instead we asked, ‘What does God reveal of His concerns in the Scriptures?’, ‘What pleases Him?’ and ‘What is on His heart?’ We then turned some of these into prayers.

An interactive map

Use the map below to experience some of the glorious bird songs and strange calls that you would hear at our conservation sites. As you listen, you could pray that future generations will hear these songs in these places. Please pray for the local communities and A Rocha teams who are working together to make this happen.

Could you make a donation?

Worldwide, A Rocha centres are bringing together students, volunteers and biologists to carry out research and monitoring projects. A Rocha International’s Science and Conservation team provides them with training, guidance and expertise. But we need your help!

If you feel able to give, you can do so online, by cheque or directly through your bank account. Or contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to advise you on other ways to support our work.

Please help circle
If you would like further inspiration for prayer topics, why not sign up now for the International E-mail Newsletter? It is sent out at the beginning of each month (except January). It will link you to new videos and stories from around the world which you can also use to guide your prayers.

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