Marine biodiversity research in the United Kingdom [2015–2017]

Working in partnership for research, education and liturgical resources on the intertidal rocky shore of North Devon.

Subject: Marine biodiversity
Location: North Devon, UK
Leader: Dr Robert Sluka

Inspired by the rocky intertidal zone

In a changing world, the marine life continues to be affected by overfishing, pollution and increasing water temperatures, to name but a few issues. These problems also impact humans. The monitoring of habitats and species can aid us in working out how to prevent further damage and conserve the plethora of life given to us to steward.

A Rocha UK and A Rocha International partnered with Lee Abbey, Devon, in order to research, monitor, educate and provide liturgy on the marine life on their doorstep. Lee Abbey is nestled in the rugged North Devon and Exmoor National Park coastline. This prime location is home to Lee Bay – a rocky north coast beach. Marine Researcher intern, Hannah Hereward, mapped the biodiversity of the Bay, developed a Top Ten Ocean Scavenger Hunt, provided training for staff including youth work at The Beacon, and completed her Masters at Plymouth University studying kelp at nearby sites.

The marine biodiversity report is available for this important site which is located within Exmoor National Park and the North Devon Marine Biosphere Reserve. Lee Bay Marine Natural History Report

Several A Rocha UK and International enews stories describe the project work between 2015 and 2017.

Kelp is on the Move

Fighting for the Ocean Forests

Deep calls to Deep

Protecting Lee Abbey’s Intertidal Sanctuary

Lee Bay, Lee Abbey, North Devon

We are in partnership with A Rocha UK, A Rocha International and Lee Abbey to undertake habitat and biodiversity research.

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