Climate news from Paris

Read our post-COP21 statement: Now the hard work really starts

Read the joint statement by the World Evangelical Alliance, the Lausanne Creation Care Network, A Rocha International and Tearfund:

Working with partners, including Tearfund and the Lausanne Movement, A Rocha advocated for and engaged COP attendees and campaigners in climate-based creation care. Events and activities included:

Wednesday 2 – Friday 4 December

An A Rocha prayer vigil at Alésia Church, Paris

COP21 panel discussionFriday 4 December

A Rocha panel discussion/conversation: A Climate for Change: Conservation and Faith in the Salle 7 Climate Generations Areas (part of the COP21 Le Bourget site)

Panel speakers included atmospheric scientist Dr Katharine Hayhoe, the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Bishop Efraim Tendero, A Rocha International’s Director of Theology, Rev Dave Bookless, and the Director of Climate Stewards, Caroline Pomeroy.

Watch the talks and question and answer session

Dave speaking at St Michael's Church during COP21Saturday 5 December

A Rocha/Lausanne Partnership Conference: A Christian Response to Climate Change / Une réponse chrétienne au changement climatique at St Michael’s Church, Paris

What was it like to be in Paris? Hear from some A Rocha team members

COP21: the Paris agreement

The outcome was hailed as ‘historic’, as, for the first time ever, nearly 200 countries were able to come to a single agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

So what did the world’s nations agree to?

  • To keep the global temperature increase ‘well below’ 2°C and ‘endeavour to limit’ it even more, to 1.5°C.
  • To ensure that the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity are balanced by the amount that trees, soil and oceans can naturally absorb.
  • To review each country’s contribution to carbon emission reductions every five years.
  • To ensure that rich countries help poorer countries through the provision of ‘climate finance’ – helping them to adapt to climate change and switch to renewable energy.

The reaction throughout the world has been overwhelmingly one of relief and gladness. It’s a time to rejoice, to give thanks to God for a deal which recognises the urgent need for all nations to work together for the common good. And it’s a time to continue praying, that the promises will be fulfilled.

Want to know more?

Read a brief nature conservation perspective by the RSPB

Read a personal, faith-based reflection on the process and outcome by Dr Martin Hodson on the JRI website

Read the Climate Stewards blog posts:

What else is A Rocha doing?

Climate change is not a temporary concern for A Rocha (read our position statement). Climate change affects every living thing: species distribution on land and sea; migration patterns of birds, insects and other animals; and the timing of plant germination, including, of course, our crops.

Therefore, climate change affects everything A Rocha does: our research, our tropical forest restoration programme, our advocacy and teaching, our community training activities. Please support our ongoing work by donating at

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