Mammals of Bannerghatta National Park: A Camera Trap Inventory

Karnataka Forest Department & A Rocha India

Published 2018, 107 pages, paperback and PDF download for educational and non-commercial purposes.

Research Team: Avinash Krishnan – Sagarika Phalke – Dilip Kumar AV – Ankan Talit – Aaranya Gayathri – Mahammed Mansoor

A Rocha India have been using camera traps to monitor and track mammals in Bannerghatta National Park since 2012. This book, published in paperback and now available as a PDF download, offers a hope-inspiring record of the results of this research.

As the burgeoning city of Bangalore is located less than 22 km from the park, urban encroachment poses an ever present challenge to maintaining biodiversity.

Aimed at educating the urban population of Bangalore about the biodiversity of the park, and thus the need to protect it, the book confirms the presence of 21 mammal species, including crucial sightings of the Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera tigris, Honey Badger Mellivora capensis and Rusty-spotted Cat Prionailurus rubiginosus. Avinash Krishnan, A Rocha India’s Scientific Officer and co-author of the book, comments, ‘It is quite interesting for a park so close to a human-dominated area to thrive with this set of species. [It] also highlights the importance of how conservation efforts are needed to secure this landscape, as well as the mammalian communities that live in this forest.’

Download the book for educational and non-commercial purposes

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