Restoring a corner of creation in the Pacific Northwest

4:32 minutes – Melissa Ong

This short video shows how A Rocha USA is helping two different kinds of landowner in Lynden, Washington State. Gene Mulder is restoring his little corner of creation because, he says, ‘Stewardship is the primary purpose of owning land, to make sure that it’s taken care of, well looked after’.

Farmers don’t always regard conservationists as their friends, but Prof. Karen Steensma is seeking to help blueberry farmers by putting up Kestrel nest boxes on their land. The American Kestrel Falco sparverius has declined whilst an introduced species, the European Starling Sturnus vulgaris, has spread right across North America. Hungry flocks of Starlings can decimate berry crops, so Prof. Steensma hopes that the falcons, which can feed on Starlings, will increase and the number of Starlings on the farms will be reduced.

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