Saying Yes To Life: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2020

By Ruth Valerio

SPCK Publishing, Dec 2019, 224 pp, paperback and e-book.

Ruth worked for A Rocha UK for many years before moving to Tearfund, and oversaw the launch of Eco Church. She has dedicated ‘Saying Yes to Life’ to Peter and Miranda Harris and Chris and Susanna Naylor, three of whom tragically lost their lives in October. A Rocha staff were also involved in providing stories, examples and advice for the book, and there are many references to our work – with some links below.

‘As people of faith, we cannot just say what we believe. We are obliged to live out the life that Christ calls us to live, to care for our neighbours, for the creatures and the creation that God has so generously given us.’ – Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

This is the challenge set out in Saying yes to life: the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book 2020, written by Tearfund’s Director of Global Advocacy and Influencing, Ruth Valerio.

It draws on the days of creation (Genesis 1) to explore what it means for us to be made in the image of God and entrusted to look after what he has made. It features voices from around the world, prayers and discussion points to help you reflect over Lent.

This book will encourage you to go deeper with God in the lead up to Easter.

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A Rocha resources for Saying Yes To Life

1. Light

2. Water

3. Land / trees

4. Sun, moon and stars / eschatology

5. Birds and sea creatures / oceans

6. Land animals, including humans

7. Sabbath rest

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