Under the Bright Wings

Under the Bright Wings - front cover

Peter Harris

Regent College Publishing: First published 1993 (reprinted 2000), paperback – 176 pages, ISBN 978-1573831888

“We have been living on the edge of a small village in the south of Portugal for over nine years.  Sometimes, in the stress of the irregular hours and eccentric episodes that make up our life here, we ask ourselves how it all began, simply to find a culprit…”

Under the Bright Wings tells the story of Peter and Miranda Harris and how they founded A Rocha in the Algarve, Portugal in 1983.

Beginning from a keen awareness of their Christian responsibility to the environment and their neighbours, Peter and Miranda develop a vision for a project that combines cross-cultural evangelism, community living and conservation.  This book describes their experiences, the challenges that were overcome and the people involved in making it happen.  It also provides an exploration of the Christian commitment to conservation as an act of worship and of mission.

“In the developing ministry of A Rocha an exciting, contemporary form of Christian mission has come alive.”  The Rev Dr John Stott

“A remarkable commitment to conservation, a joyful appreciation of Portugal’s wildlife and a deep sense of community: read this book.” 
Tim Cleeves, RSPB

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