Wild and Wonderful: Tourism, Faith and Communities


by Stan L LeQuire and Chantelle du Plessis

Resource Publications, November 2013, ISBN 13:978-1-62032-868-2, 140 pages, paperback and ebook.

A Rocha Kenya’s ASSETS programme and Savannaland, an initiative of A Rocha Ghana and partners, feature positively and prominently in this thoroughly-researched book, which presents good examples of community-based tourism, mostly in the Americas and Africa.

The authors examine the benefits and challenges of these enterprises for travellers seeking a holiday or planning a short-term mission trip. They also give advice for communities wanting to build a tourism-based business, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of welcoming outsiders into their villages, their homes and the local habitats on which they depend.

Stan LeQuire is a former director of the Evangelical Environmental Network and now teaches sustainable development at Eastern University, Pennsylvania, USA. Chantelle du Plessis is a South African living in Colombia, who owns and runs Andes EcoTours. Each brings a complementary wealth of experience to the challenge of developing models of sustainable tourism which, in their words, ‘improve the local economy, preserve and sustain the local environment, and create better, more equitable lives for individuals within the community.’

‘If you are looking for ways to helpfully engage the poor of the Third World that are theologically informed, culturally sensitive, and respectfully creative, you will have to give this book two thumbs up.’ Tony Campolo

If you’d rather book an eco-tourism holiday than read about it, go now to Stan’s ECOTOURISM NETWORK website: http://ecotourismnetwork.wordpress.com/

Read a blog post by Stan in our Planetwise blog.

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